Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Nicolas / Ngee / ニコラ

Discover new trends, anticipate, and curiosity are my forces. I am always looking for innovative solutions and projects.

Good coffee, bake pastry, sweet things, Japan, shiba-inu, bars and restaurants, cinema and so many other things.

About me 43 years old / A French guy who live in Kyoto (Japan) and who was a digital nomad and lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) Paris (France) Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) etc.

I am an Internet adventurer since 1996 and a casual gamer too. I love discovering new wonders on kickstater, hobbits, manga, unicorn and lightsabers.

I like photography, listening to music (folk, rock, indie …) and raving upon gorgeous illustrations and architectures.

I Love Photography

Since I discovered my passion for photography I regularly walk for hours handling my camera and chasing the perfect shot

Instagram is my playground, I usually post pics and story about Japan and Japanese life. 

I enjoy sharing my passion for Japan and finding out new wonders posted by other instagramers

And I'm a COO of a cool StartUp In Canada

I love thinking about new concepts or new interfaces while listening to users. As a real Swiss army knife, I have been working for 20 years to shape the Internet of today and tomorrow. Managing projects and teams are in my DNAA

Previously New Media Project Manager
 in french TV Industry for TV France International. I work remotely since 5 years as a freelancer and was a digital nomad. I explored many various place and enjoyed it !

But currently I’m a COO of a cool Canadian StartUp PlanHub.ca. I work remotely from Kyoto (Japan) my home sweet home. 

My weapons : #photoshop #lightroom #finalcut #figma #audition #indesign #trello #jira #seo #ga4 #amplitude #customerio #macbookpro #fujifilmxt1 #socialmedia

Languages : I speak french, english, and a little bit japanese and sometimes I write codes

Also I love Japan

In 2015, I traveled across Japan during 5 weeks and completely fell in love with the country. From my first steps, I felt like home. Since then, I have traveled a lot to Japan, and I even lived for two year in Kyoto. Where I learned the basics of Japanese language.

Since 2022 I’m back in Japan with a working visa, and enjoying my life here so much. 

I’m also sometimes a guide in japan for french travelers. If you want to know more about this activity please visit MonKyoto.com !

Every week I talk in some Podcasts

Podcaster since one year, I have created 3 podcasts, in French. Do not hesitate to discover it

Le Matin et Là

(10 episode, Podcast endend)
Launched in Jully 2020 

Every Thursday, join us in discovering the best coffee and pastries from Paris, France and all over the world.

Explore Japon

(more of 200 episodes, ongoing Podcast) 
Launched in August 2019

The podcast that explores all facets of Japan. Travel, lifestyle, culture or learning Japanese let’s discover together this beautiful country.

Kitsune Dandy
Digtal Nomad & Japon

(10 episode, Podcast ended) 
Launch in June 2019

The Kitsune Dandy podcast, the story of a guy who left everything to go live in Japan and ended up Digital Nomad…

So Let's Talk

If you have any questions, amazing offers (who knows ?!) or just wanna talk, please feel free to send me a messag

If you want to know what I’m doing right now, just go to the now page.