Welcome stranger, this is where I summarize « Where is Ngee? » at this time.

On this page, I will keep you up to date with my news and current projects.

How I pay my rent

I am currently working remotely from Japan as a COO of a really cool Canadian startup PlanHub.ca and sometimes I’m a french guide in Kyoto and Kansai with MonKyoto.com, because I love to share about Japan and my city Kyoto. I do also some consultant freelance activity  please check my freelancer website KitsuneDandy.com

In my Free Time

I love to share about japan so I’m a podcaster since 4 years now. I talk about Japan every week with my podcast  « Explore Japon » .

I take advantage of this period to train myself in several fields, including pastry, by my own

Updated on 0n August 2022